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Tanzania cultural tourism is a type of tour for visitors who want to visit the locals and learn about their way of life through different everyday activities suggested to the guests and translated by a local guide. Tanzanians are very peaceful, with members of various clans and cultural backgrounds living together and speaking in Swahili, which is now on the African Union agenda as a language of the African continent.


These activities include a diverse community of Tanzanian people in unique areas of visit such as towns, local communities/villages, historical sites for tasting local delectable food, markets, taverns, agricultural fields, goats, and natural phenomena such as trees, streams, ponds, waterfalls, mountains, hills, and swamps.

Most of these kinds of activities are carried on through walking but we do provide transport back and forth from the hotel to the location of the tour.

The Tanzania cultural tourism kit is one of the best after or before safari combos because it allows you to meet Tanzanians and make connections and encounters during your stay. Complement your safari journey with cultural experiences with Tanzanians in a variety of ways to make your trip an unforgettable memory.



The simplest and cheapest way to communicate with the popular Maasai people is to visit one of the many Maasai bomas that dot Ngorongoro.

Although the Maasai are not permitted to live within national parks, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area encourages these semi-nomadic people to live their life as they have always done.

Visits to authentic Maasai villages are difficult to organize, but these tourist-focused bomas provide tourists with the opportunity to discover a village, see traditional dance, and even purchase a few souvenirs.

A Maasai boma visit is a great way to pass the time on the way to or from the Serengeti, and it’s particularly fun for kids who may be feeling cooped up on the long trip!

tanzania hadzabe tribe

The Lake Eyasi Hadzabe experience is one of our most common cultural experiences.

These fascinating hunter-gatherers continue to live their lives just as they have always done, defying Tanzania’s accelerated modernization in an absolutely fascinating way.

Joining the Hadzabe tribe’s men for a morning hunt before visiting their village with a Datoga guide is a genuinely fascinating cultural experience and one of our most famous add-ons.

Combine a day at Lake Eyasi with a night at Africa Amini for an action-packed day of cultural exploration!

materuni waterfalls uru

The Chaga tribe is not one of Tanzania’s most well-known, but their culture is fascinating to learn about. Their tradition of creating complex tunnel networks to protect themselves from Maasai attacks is interesting, and a chance to visit these pitch-black tunnels alone will be worth the ride to Moshi.

Fortunately, our one-day Marangu tour includes more than just these tunnels; it also includes a picturesque waterfall, an organic coffee plantation tour, a local picnic, and banana beer tasting.



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