Tanzania Big Cat Safari

Tanzania Big Cat Safari

Big Cat Safari Experience in TAnznia

Many safari-goers consider “cat” sightings to be a sign of a great safari. The lazy lion is a common sighting for first-time tourists, while return visitors prefer the super-fast cheetah and the solitary leopard. And the greatest reward of all is cubs of some kind!

Tanzania Big Cat Safari

Different species of Tanzania Big Cats


The lion is the undisputed king of the mammals, with a huge mane, raw muscle, and deafening roar (a lion’s roar can be around 25 times louder than a gas-powered lawn mower).

Fortunately, Tanzania is home to over 15,000 lions, more than any other African nation and about half of the world’s remaining wild population. The Serengeti lion population—estimated at about 3,000—is higher than Kenya’s total lion population.

Tanzania is the best destination to visit if Simba is on your list of safari must-sees.


Leopard, perhaps the most trendy and enigmatic of all big cats, stalks its targets with incredible caution, sometimes coming as close as ten feet from its target completely unnoticed before chomping down.

Leopards are famous for their aquatic lifestyle, and they sometimes haul their kills up into the woods where they sleep and relax. Leopards have been seen pulling creatures three times their own height about twenty feet up trees.


Across the turn of the twentieth century, an estimated 100,000 cheetahs roamed Africa and the Middle East, but today, less than 2,500 are thought to exist in the wild, in specific, confined areas.

Tanzania is one of the unusual cheetah strongholds, owing to its long-term commitment to conservation. It’s one of the few locations on the planet where you can see this magnificent creature—the world’s fastest ground mammal—racing through the plains.


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